domingo, 18 de junio de 2017

Políticos enfermos

Cité ayer la acusación de "narcisista patológico" referida al actual presidente de los Estados Unidos.
El texto incluía esta cita:
A 2006 study published in the Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease found that 18 of the first 37 presidents met criteria for having a psychiatric disorder, from depression (24 percent) and anxiety (eight percent) to alcoholism (eight percent) and bipolar disorder (eight percent). Ten of them exhibited symptoms while in office, and one of those 10 was arguably our best president, Abraham Lincoln, who suffered from deep depression.
No es la primera vez que encuentro el tema de la enfermedad mental de algunos políticos de alto nivel. Siendo estudiante, me interesó el libro de Lasswell sobre psicopatología y política que sigue valiendo la pena por lo menos darle un vistazo aunque no sea más que a su capítulo X sobre la prevención. Puede resultar entretenido pensar quiénes de los que aparecen en los noticiarios de televisión pueden clasificarse en los tipos que allí se enumeran (capítulos VI, VII y VIII). El problema es que un fresador agresivo o un catedrático obsesivo pueden tener esos mismos desórdenes, pero sus efectos son incomparablemente menores que los que pueden producir un loco con acceso al botón nuclear.
Sin llegar a tanto, no sería mala idea pedir que los que acceden a tales altos cargos se sometieran a un diagnóstico psiquiátrico previo. Pero es inútil: son ellos mismos los que tendrían que decidirlo y, por esprit de corps, conciencia de grupo, no van a hacerlo. Basta con que solo sea un uno por mil el que esté aquejado por estos problemas, pero...

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  1. Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes
    Andrew M Lobaczewski

    Lobaczewski speaks of Evil in macrosocial terms, relating it to the word of politics and not from its ambiguous theological perspective. He bases his study of Evil in psycho-dynamical terms focusing on the behavioral dynamics of the psychopath and what motivates them. Lobaczewski studies the nature of Evil clinically, as it should be studied.

    When I see the horrid state of the world in the terms Lobaczewski describes then everything fell in place for me. Now I know I'm not crazy. My reading of the book Ponerology explained A LOT to me, and not only confirms my own observations as to why the world is the way it is, but it has helped focus my perceptions and understanding of the nature of reality into a much greater clarity. It's no small wonder why the manuscript of this book has been suppressed. Once reading it one will begin to see the naked emperor.

    These psychopaths that have now taken over our governments feed on our fear while feeding us false solutions to our domestic and foreign problems. They give us our governments which at this stage of their "game" are nothing more then Fascist regimes and nothing more then criminal governments in disguise.

    In this book I have learned that most, if not all of the governments of the world, have been taken over by a pathological infection from just a small group of psychopaths who understand the psychology of normal people to a very high degree and they have corrupted these governmental structures to the very core. These psychopaths have silently, but with mind boggling persistence and stealth moved in and taken over and hollowed out the very soul of humanity using lies and deception as their weapons of choice. These psychopaths, this inhuman race of pathological deviants, who do not have the capacity to feel conscience and feel the pain of another, now literally rule the world.